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The Tony Olson Music Project

The Tony Olson Music Project is a musical collaboration created by award-winning songwriter Tony Olson. The Nashville-based project utilizes some of the top session musicians and vocalists in Nashville to bring a new, traditional-based twist to today’s country music radio platforms. Since the project has no individual artist, Tony is able to produce world-class male AND female songs in several styles and genres, although country remains the primary focus. All of the music is recorded and produced in Nashville. Olson has won a number of awards for his music, including a World Songwriting Award for Best Modern Country Song, and four American Track Music Awards for Best Country Song and Best Lyrics. In 2021, Tony was named ISSA Male Songwriter of the Year.  The Tony Olson Music Project is continuing to produce music which is being aired across the globe. Please support our radio affiliates

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Barnyard Cover Done JPEG.jpg
Album Back Final 2 JPEG.jpg
Somebody Gettin Lucky Cover.jpg
Three Sheets cover.jpg
Boom Cover.jpg
Only Me cover 2.jpg
Not That Kind  Cover.jpg
Bad As You Cover.jpg
Metal and Ink cover 2.jpg
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