Here is a sampling of my music:

     1. "BOOM!" is an up-tempo country song with a fun ending. It was a Finalist in the 2018 UK Songwriting Contest.

     2. "Three Sheets to the Wind" is a ballad I wrote with Willie Nelson in mind. He may never hear it . . . but it's fun to dream. If you like traditional country music, you will like this song. It was a Semi-Finalist in the 2018 UK Songwriting Contest.

     3.  "Bad As You" is a dark bluesy tune that I wrote as potential sync music for a movie or TV series. Think Sons of Anarchy or True Blood. It received a Highly Commended designation in the 2018 UK Songwriting Contest in both the R&B and Open Categories.

     4. "Metal And Ink" - I'm not sure what to say about this song. It may be the only country song ever written about tattoos and body piercings. It was a Finalist in the 2018 Great American Song Contest.

     5. "In The Name of Freedom" - My tribute to our veterans and active military. I wrote it as potential sync music for a future documentary about veterans. I hope someone picks this one up for that purpose, or maybe an artist that plays a lot of shows for the military. I got the music from a good friend, Dave Nudo, who is a very talented country rocker. We were on a show together and he played a song he wrote with a similar tune. Once I heard the melody . . . I knew I had to write my veterans song to it.

     6. "Barnyard Boulevard" -  Winner of a 2019 World Songwriting Award for Best Modern Country Song, and also a winner of a 2020 American Track Music Award. This song is for all those folks who grew up in the country. It is one of my new ones.

     7. "Somebody Gettin' Lucky" - This is another new one. It's the first female country song that I wrote.

     8. "Not That Kind of Girl" - This is the second female country song I wrote. It won two 2020 Track Music Awards, one for Best Country Song and another for Best Song Lyrics.


    9. "Only Me"  This song was a Finalist in the 2020 World Songwriting Awards. I wrote this version for those who have struggled with the ravages of addiction. It's an anthem for those who have fought that battle. This is the cut recorded by Daniel Borge in Norway.